Solar Traffic Warning Flashing Systems

Solar power has become a strong choice for your traffic warning applications needs. Solar traffic warning systems are ideal for places where electricity may be too difficult or expensive to acquire. Solar traffic signal systems provide reliable, cost-effective, alternative solutions for these environments. Solar Lighting International, Inc. can provide you with a custom solar traffic warning system designed to fit your specific traffic management, warning flasher, or IT application.

Solar Lighting International, Inc. features solar traffic warning systems with:

  • Solar panel and panel mounting
  • Aluminum enclosure with police locks and pole mounting
  • LED signal warning beacons 8″ or 12″  – Dual, Red or Amber optional
  • FS2 Flasher
  • Programmable NTC time clock
  • AGM or Gel Battery – 10+ day backup
  • 15′ Pole with breakaway base and all mounting hardware



Wet Road Warning Sensor Option

Our latest addition to our solar traffic warning safety product line is the wet road sensor. As the sensor detects the presence of water, sleet, snow, or ice it will send a signal to illuminate a flashing beacon. The flashing beacon will remain in the “ON” state until the road is clear of water, sleet, snow, or ice. Although this sensor can be placed at any location (up to 20′ feet from the cabinet) where it is exposed to the elements, it is designed to be mounted on the shoulder of the road. The wet road sensor is perfect for icy bridge warning systems, roads where hydroplaning often occurs, and dangerous curves.

The wet road sensor option, in conjunction with a radio transmitter signal to a central location, can advise personnel of the beacon activation system. This option immediately makes you aware of current road conditions due to weather.


Other optional features for solar traffic signals include:

  • Remote page control option
  • Siren or railroad crossing bells
  • Wet road condition sensor
  • Camera / Video detection
  • Wireless modem
  • Repeater
  • Inverters / AC availability
  • Railroad bells, crossbucks, arms, warning sensors
  • Remote control operation
  • Radar speed display option – MUTCD compliant systems

Types of Solar Traffic Systems we offer include:

  • Solar Warning flasher Systems
  • Solar Pedestrian Crossing systems
  • Solar Golf Cart Crossing Systems
  • Solar Speed Warning Systems
  • Solar Slow Traffic Warning
  • Solar Railroad Warning Systems
  • Solar High Water Warning
  • Solar Fire Station Flashers with remote push button

Custom LED Traffic Signs

Need a custom solar-powered LED traffic sign?

Regulatory Signs

Warning Signs

Construction Signs









School Signs





Sign Alert System Add Ons


If you’re ready to learn more about a solar traffic management system for your site then please contact us or fill out the webform on our contact page, and one of our representatives will help you to find out more about the ways that solar lighting solutions can help to make your flow of traffic smoother.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

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