• Add street lights without investing in infrastructure. Our systems are equipped to work off-grid.
  • Designing and helping to install solar street light systems around the world since 2004
  • Proven projects in multiple harsh environments
  • 5 Year Limited Total System Warranty
  • Hurricane Resistant: Capable of withstanding gusts of up to 170 miles per hour
  • Based out of Lancaster, SC

Battery Life And Run Time

Solar Lighting International offers a wide variety of battery selections, depending on your requirements and location. Gel and AGM are our standard options, but we also offer premium LiPo battery technology for long life and low maintenance requirements.

Our standard batteries need to be replaced about every 7 years, depending on your environment. Our Lipo battery options need to be replaced about every 12 years or longer.

Our standard operational runtime without dimming is 3 days when on battery power. Some of our competitors offer dimming technology to achieve 5 days battery run time. We are happy to provide 5 days full run operation in your configuration, but this is almost never needed and is not worth the added expense, or the risk that comes from a poorly-lit environment.

Solar Street Light Fixtures


For municipalities, highways, roadways, bridge and rural development projects, Solar Lighting International street light systems are reliable and effective.

All of our street lighting systems are designed in the US from our Lancaster SC location.

We have the flexibility to work with you in creating a system that is suited to your situation and budget. Our lamp post lights can be sold in singles or in large custom orders to meet your project’s needs. We are often called to create designs to illuminate lawn, parking lots, municipal streets and corporate parking lots.

Our solar powered led lights do not rely on the utility grid, allowing them to be installed on rural road and streets without running power to the poles.

SLI’s X-35-LED powered led street lights use Cree LED chips as well as Phillips Illumiled LED Chips. This creates a floodlight of directed illumination. Thanks to LED technology, these systems create less light pollution than traditional lamps.

Our solar street lights come in many options:  6600 lumens, 13300 lumens, and 16000 lumens for standard fixtures. SLI can even double the pole for up to 32,0000 lumens for environments where wide coverage is needed.

That means more light where you need it and more cost-effective solutions where fewer — but better focused — lumens will do the trick with less energy waste or product cost.

In addition to reducing energy usage, our solar light systems require less need for backup power during natural disasters, require less line maintenance and reduce grid load.

Our Solar cells are tested to a higher standard than most and the custom-designed mounting bracket for the solar panels helps to protect your investment even in high wind shear conditions. When you need outdoor lighting with a hurricane-rating, our lights and solar panel configuration are one of the most durable available.

Of course, our systems come with dusk to dawn sensors to conserve your energy.

We specialize in complete commercial led system design. We have a proven track record in delivering products around the world and across multiple language and cultural barriers.

Many of our competitors run multiple websites selling each other’s imported designs. We’re one of the only companies who design the product here in the United States. This gives us complete control. Need a specific feature in your light? Let’s make it happen. Our in-house engineers are happy to look at your RFP and provide their suggestions.

If you’re ready to learn more about our solar systems then please contact us or fill out the web form on our contact page, and one of our representatives will work with you.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

X-35-LED-6600-200 6,600 Lumen Solar Lighting System
X-35-LED-13300-360 13,300 Lumen Solar Lighting System
X-35-LED-16000-385 16,000 Lumen Solar Lighting System
X-LED Series Product Warranty

The popularity of commercial solar-powered street lamps have grown a considerable amount, especially in the last decade. They are now considered the go-to green alternative to powergrid lighting.

They provide a cost-effective, sustainable, lower maintenance, renewable energy source that is the optimal replacement for almost all applications.

Since they are not tied to the grid they add a level of hardening to any community as they can dependably run under most conditions including natural disasters without requiring backup power.

These lamps run at any time needed with certain operating configurations. They can be set to turn on at dusk and off at dawn or during split times. Light pollution can be reduced by utilizing these cutoff times. The state-of-the-art light emitting diode technology also helps

Light Power Configurations

Mounted at the top of the solar light pole is the photovoltaic panel, oriented so that it faces south in direct sunlight with no shade. The system is connected to a Maximum Power Point charge controller (MPPT), then to a battery assembly that can be located either behind or directly underneath the panel.

(It can also be attached lower down the pole in a lock box for easy maintenance access.)

The mounted photovoltaic panel uses sunlight to charge the battery throughout the day which will provide energy during the night.

Our engineers will design your system while taking into consideration several factors including, but not limited to, the location of the light, local wind load requirements, the weather conditions in winter, and the operation profile.

Custom Outdoor Lights

Various types of lamps can be operated by the fixture, relying upon on the need.

The common most kinds of lamps used with solar panels are light emitting diodes (LED) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). There are other options for projects that have different requirements. It’s important to discuss the options available with one of our specialists for optimal savings.

Since advanced LED technology is available, we are seeing more communities choose this option. These bulbs require less power, ad less expensive to install and maintain, and produce less light pollution.

Urban, Road, Commercial, Disaster….

After the sun goes down, the photovoltaic panel communicates with the electronic controls, acting as a photocell, powering the fixture on. It is kept on from dusk till dawn or for a certain number of set hours by the control electronics.

The charge controls will reverse the process in the morning and start to charge the battery again. During the daylight hours, the battery will charge at various levels all dependent on the sun’s strength and the weather. It’s very important to guarantee that the panel is free of shade because this can cause it to not charge correctly for proper operation the next night.

We offer an all-inclusive solution to almost any application without the need to trench in grid power. Even if there is a blackout, commercial street lights will continue to operate since they are completely independent. these also work well for new subdivision communities, construction sites, and disaster areas.


Call Solar Lighting International today at (803) 233-3461 to discuss your commercial street lighting needs.

All-In-One Solar Street LED Lighting

Solar Lighting International, Inc. also offers a new “Stealth” All-In-One Solar Street Lighting System.  All-In-One solar street lights integrate a solar panel, a LED light source, and a battery into a compact, reliable, and extremely bright and economical package. Click here to learn more.