Solar Lighting for Natural Areas


Solar Lighting is an effective and environmentally friendly way to light up natural areas such as kayaking put-ins and take-outs, trails and paths, dog parks, and natural downtown spaces. Other places where solar lighting would be beneficial are boat ramps and lift areas, docks and marine piers, park ranger stations, bathrooms, changing facilities, and playgrounds.

Kayaking Put in’s and Take outs

Increase a positive kayaking experience by providing lighting around access areas. Adding lights to areas such as take-ins and take-outs as well as parking lots help to keep vehicles and trailers safe while paddlers enjoy their time on the water.

Ever trip on a tree root at a take-out in the dark? Ever get back from a shuttle and it’s later than you planned?

Solar lighting provides illumination for key areas while promoting safety and sustainability with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.  Since these locations don’t typically need light on at full power all night, using an affordable and flexible option, such as our Stealth solar lights provide a perfect solution. The Stealth solar all-in-one light can be custom programmed to operate at full brightness and then dim to take advantage of dual-sided motion sensors; so you can have less light when there is no activity and full brightness when motion is detected up to 50 feet from the fixture – offering an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Trails, Paths, and Parks

For public trails and parks that close at dusk, in the winter months that time can come as early as 4 pm. Offering a well-lit common area, playground, and parking lot will offer anyone still there a safer way to enjoy the parks as long as possible as well as a safe way to exit. Illuminate important signage such as exits, information/direction signs, and covered shelter areas. Park personnel will also benefit from additional lighting while securing the gates and buildings.

Besides being the basis for many a horror movie theme, walking up to a poorly lit restroom facility can be a public safety issue. Public restrooms in a city-operated natural area can be an easy way for crime to occur. Providing light as a security measure is a must for discouraging loitering and other unwelcome behavior, with minimal environmental impact. Offer a well-lit space for your patrons with solar lighting – with no trenching required, you can install our systems without having to disturb the surrounding areas.

Dog Parks / Natural Downtown & Urban Areas

Park Lighting in Albuquerque NMWith more and more people opting to live in apartments and condos closer to urban areas, dog parks are a very popular destination after work hours. Solar Lighting is an easy solution to provide safety and makes getting in and out with Fido after dusk much easier.

Boat Ramps, Lift Areas & Docks

Early morning launches are common for fishing. Lighting up boat ramp access increases safety and provides a more enjoyable environment and reduces the risk of accidents due to poorly lit areas. Our Stealth solution makes choosing solar easy. With our all-in-one Lighting System, all you need is a pole and an open south-facing view. No electrical experience or wiring is required for installation. We have many options available for lighting docks and parking lots in remote areas. Our solar lighting systems perform well even in saltwater-type environments, and our engineering and sales department will ensure you get the amount of light you require.

Customers Include:

  • USACE – Ponca City Oklahoma
  • USACE – Canton, Oklahoma
  • Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources – Wilmington, Ohio
  • Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources – Bethel, Ohio


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