•  Dimmable and Non-Dimmable Lights Available
  •  High-Efficacy LED
  •  Optional Photocell allows light to turn on and off with the daylight.
  •  Surge protector creates a more reliable energy supply for the LED driver
  •  Breather balances between the inside and outside of the lamp, extending the lamp’s service life.
  •  We have been designing and helping to install solar lighting systems around the world since 2004
  •  Proven projects in multiple harsh environments
  •  Based out of Lancaster, SC

Solar Pathway and Walkway Light Fixtures

Solar Lighting International is excited to announce our latest solar lighting option- solar pathway lighting for parks, bike paths, parking lots, green spaces, trails, and places where a stylish off-grid light fixture is required.

Designed in the US to our exacting standards, our pathway lights come in 3 options – top of pole/post top mounting design, pendant mount, and a side entry mount option. Stylish and modern looking; our latest light fixture provides the very best in LED chip technology, using Phillips Illumiled 150 lumen per watt, and we also offer higher lumen per watt options.

The sleek, fashionable, high-end luminaires are extremely rugged in design with solid aluminum casts, toolless entry, and are maintenance-free.

All of our lighting systems are designed in the US from our Lancaster, SC location.

We offer flexible system design options and are more than happy to work with you to create a system that is suited to your budget.

If you’re ready to learn more about our solar pathway lighting solutions then please contact us or fill out the webform on our contact page, and one of our sales engineers will contact you.

Below you will find a link to our new solar pathway lighting catalog.

Solar Lighting International has a stylish solution with a wide range of uses for our solar pathway lights. Our pathway light is not just for pathways – the applications cover trail lighting, area lighting, and even canopy lighting applications.

We have 2-lumen style options: the SLI-PL-5550 lumen, a 5550-lumen output option, and the SLI-PL8400 which is an 8400-lumen fixture option. Our solar pathway lighting catalog provides a complete range of options from color renditioning, light distribution, panel selection, and pole selection options. Download Solar Lighting International’s pathway lighting catalog and see for yourself.


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