Solar Parking Lot Lights Solar parking lot lights illuminating a school parking area at night in New York.

When it comes to parking lot solar lights, you want to know that the products you choose are well-designed, well-engineered, and adequately manufactured to handle the demands placed on the parking lot lights. Simply put, you want to know that the solar lights you decide to buy will perform as intended in your application and location for a long time, maximizing the value of your purchasing dollar.

At Solar Lighting International, we excel at providing a well-designed, quality solution for your solar LED parking lot light project. Solar Lighting International has no minimum purchase requirements. We are glad to sell a single solar light or 100 parking light poles.

We will design a comprehensive solar parking light and pole package even if you have an application for a single solar light at a boat ramp parking area and only require one light pole.

Best Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lights

Our best solar parking lot light, the Stealth II solar lighting product line, is designed for a 20-year life cycle, with battery replacement averaging every 5-7 years, requiring minimal maintenance thus providing the end user confidence in their purchase. The Stealth II series, solar light fixture housing is designed with an extruded aluminum housing and is powder coated with a salt-resistant coating for use in the harshest environments. Battery replacement is easy with our IP67 water-tight quick connectors.

We will even recycle your old batteries on your behalf when you order replacements when needed. The best feature is that our lights do not require an electrician. No wiring is necessary to install our solar lights as they are a completely integrated system.


Solar Parking Lot Lights Retrofit Solar light in a parking lot

Does your parking lot have failed wiring? Do you need to replace one or more of its existing parking lot lamps? Our Stealth II solar parking lot lights make upgrading your existing lights easy. Solar Lighting International has decades of experience providing a fast and wireless solution, potentially saving thousands of dollars over rewiring your existing parking lot. Our lights do not require electrical wiring or an electrician to install them.

We supply tenon pole adapters for existing aluminum, steel, and wood electrical poles. Finding a solution to your parking lot electrical problems is easy with our Stealth II solar light pole retrofit kit. One of our engineers will find a solar light replacement upgrade or retrofit solution for you to purchase immediately.

Just give us a call at 803-233-3461 or fill out our contact form. Provide us the address of the location so we can view it on Google Earth, and we’ll get you a quote fast the same day.


Solar Parking Lot Lights With PoleSolar LED light illuminating a snowy parking lot at night

Our solar light poles for parking lot options and solutions are grid-independent, allowing you to easily add as many lights as you need using direct burial poles and without digging through existing concrete or asphalt lots.

Whether you want to install solar parking lot lights with pole and base foundation or want a direct burial solar light solution for your parking lot lighting project, we have a complete solar lighting system design to meet your requirements.

Commercial  Solar  Parking  Lot  Light  InstallationSolar LED lights installed at Texas City Dike parking lot

Solar Lighting International has grown extensively over the decades in business. Many solar lighting online companies are only resellers, selling only items and unable to provide a turnkey solution. We partner with installation crews and contractors from Miami to Upstate New York on the east coast. Not on the East Coast? We have also developed a great team of parking lot light contractors nationwide. Finding a solar lighting installer is easy with Solar Lighting International.

Solar Lighting International not only manufactures its products, but we’ve also built strong working partnerships with the best installation companies worldwide. Whether in the USA, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or Suriname, we have an installation crew to provide you with the most comprehensive solar parking lot lighting experience. When you work with Solar Lighting International®, you’re working with an experienced manufacturer with a successful track record.

Parking Lot Light Color Temperatures Solar LED lights pair installed in a parking lot

Color temperature plays a significant role in parking lot lights. Some municipalities are set in their ways and require a color temperature of 3000 kelvin for most lamps, which is an orangish color. This temperature is not optimal for security but is optimal for dogs, deer, plants, and turtles. The 3000k color spectrum temperature prevents the human eye from accurately identifying what color is in their surroundings, including vehicle and clothing color.

Deciding on an alternative color output to 4000 Kelvin color to 4500 kelvin, 4700 kelvin, and even up to 5000 kelvin. These light color temperatures range more closely, and resemble sunlight, a crisp white light. This color range is optimal for security and safety. This color temperature range is close to what you would find in a Home Depot parking lot or stadium parking area.

When you need to clearly see and be able to identify your surroundings, this range is paramount for safety. Our Stealth II solar parking lights are offered in 4000-5000 kelvin color temperatures. This temperature range is the most optimal for a more secure parking area.

Kelvin temperature for LED lighting over 6000k the light starts to take on a blueish hue. Once color specifications reach 6000k or above in LED lighting, the LED quality depreciates. Manufacturers that choose the 6000k+ color spectrum temperature range are not concerned with the light output, the safety of the consumer, or the quality of light.

The blue LED lights are also known to cause eye damage over time. Prolonged exposure to blue light from sources such as the 6000k+ LEDs could cause damage to the retina’s cells and cause vision issues. We do not recommend solar-led lights in a color of 6000k or higher.

Solar Powered Parking Lot LightsSolar LED lights installed at Texas City parking lot.

are the best solar powered parking lot lights using Phillips Illumined 5050, LED Chips. Solar Lighting International solar parking lot lighting, street, and highway lighting come in many options: 7400 lumens, 14800 lumens, 13300 lumens, 16,000 lumens, and 22,200 lumens for standard fixtures. Should your parking lot require significantly more light, it is possible to double up using a bullhorn to 44,400 lumens per pole.

Most of our solar LED light options have a range of flexibility regarding installation. They can be installed on the ground or a pole and used for any project size. All of our solar parking lot lights also come with a 3-year limited warranty, giving you the confidence to choose a solar LED lighting product that will work for decades to come.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

Stealth II 40-23
7400 lumens
Stealth II 80-23
14800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth II 120-23
22200 lumens
X-LED Series Product Warranty
X-LED Series Product Warranty
The HOA Approach
criteria for choosing solar led lighting
Criteria for Choosing Solar LED Lighting
6,600 Lumen
13,300 Lumen
16,000 Lumen