A solar pedestrian crossing system or solar cross walk system can provide a vital service to your community, without the excess costs of power and cabling that a traditional system would require.

SLI’s Solar Pedestrian Crossing System is designed to alert motorists approaching a point in the road where pedestrians cross. They provide critical signaling for pedestrians in a variety of situations including:

  • Middle-of-the-block crossings
  • School zone crossings
  • Jogging / Running paths
  • Hiking trails
  • Horse trails
  • Cyclists crossings
  • Golfers with or without carts   

The system is activated on demand with a pole mounted push button or motion sensor. When activated, a radio transmitter turns on flashing signals on the opposite side of the road eliminating the need to run power lines or tear up pavement. This simplifies the costs, and eliminates the inconveniences, of running a new system. Our solar pedestrian crossing systems fit easily into existing infrastructure.

Our wireless solar cross walk can turn on multiple signals with one push button. Each receiver and transmitter has an individual address code, activating only receivers with the matching code. Any number of receivers can be set to a single address code. The signal has the capability to be received miles away with line-of-sight transmission. Once activated, the signals remain ON for a pre-set time period, from 1 second to 100 hours, depending on the client’s needs.

A standard system includes poles, flashing beacon(s) or the light bar, pedestrian push button and electronics cabinet with pre-assembled wiring for easy installation along with installation documentation.



Solar Lighting International, Inc. also offers the following to our customers:

  • AC or DC solar powered
  • System flexibility: tailored to meet requirements
  • Programmable Timed Crossing
  • Light Bar: 1 sided or 2 sided
  • CAUTION (amber) or STOP (red) Alerts: no price difference
  • 8″or 12″ LED Signal Heads: no price difference
  • No maintenance battery: sealed gel or AGM
  • AC: optional battery back-up
  • Solid State Flasher (FS-2 Flasher)
  • Meets MUTCD and ITE Standards

If you’re ready to learn more about a solar lighting system that will help to manage your pedestrian traffic flow for your site then please contact us and one of our representatives will help you to find out more about the ways that Solar Lighting International solutions can help to make your streets more secure.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

Solar Crosswalk Flashers
Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS)
Solar Pedestrian Crossing Systems
Solar RRFB Crosswalk
(Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon)