Solar LED Lighting Information

solar LED street lightingInstallation of solar LED lighting can be an effective way to ensure safety while eliminating the ongoing cost of utility service and monthly electricity bills. Solar lighting is a fixed one-time cost and eliminates a power bill that will increase year after year.

In addition, LED lighting eliminates the annual cost of bulb replacement from traditional lighting, reducing life cycle and bulb installation costs. It may not sound like much, but over the course of a few bulb changes, it can be significant.

The most cost-effective long-term alternative is solar LED lighting. Solar lighting gets its power from the sun, instead of the power company, reducing your total energy bills. LED lights not only burn brighter but also last up to 10 years longer, providing increased reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Solar Lighting International has solar LED lighting solutions for most situations. If you are looking to light up city roads, a major highway, or other large areas, Solar Lighting International’s LED Lighting Systems are a reliable and effective choice. SLI’s systems are designed for commercial highway and street lighting and are the only solution you need. We also offer systems for a variety of other needs and situations. We are willing to work with you to create a system that is suited to your situation and budget.


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What do I need to think about before I decide what light is right for me?


1 Runtime – Do I need the light to operate all night or just until midnight and then before people arrive in the morning? There is a direct cost associated with runtime, the longer the light is on, the more it will cost in batteries and solar panels.

2 Backup – Do you really need 5-7 days of backup? Typically 3 days of dusk to dawn backup is plenty of runtime operation. A 5 to 7-day backup increases the price significantly while only giving you 2 day of power you may only use once or twice a year. If the sun is out 90% of the time, you probably don’t need to spend the extra money, unless it is a security issue.

3 Appropriate amount of light? You may not know it, but cities have lighting requirements to meet code for safety. Knowing how much light, without lighting can be tricky. SLI has extensive experience in lighting codes and requirements. We use IES (Illumination Engineering Society) guidelines for all our applications. Guideline RP-33-99 Lighting for Exterior Environments is the standard guide SLI will use to help you determine which light is right for your application. RP-8 is the industry standard and the IES guideline SLI will use to determine your roadway lighting requirements. A worry-free process lies ahead and our staff is eager to assist you.

4 Height of pole and type of pole – We offer a variety of poles to meet your solar pole needs. We offer steel, fiberglass, aluminum, straight, square, round steel, and many other options, including poles for high-wind environments. We are here to help you find the best solution for your budget.

5 Color Temperature – Color temperature for LEDs can go from 1500 kelvin, an orange look (low-pressure sodium) to 3000 Kelvin (high-pressure sodium) to 4500-kelvin white metal halide, to 5500+ where the white light starts to take on a light blue hue. The image below will help you understand the color temperature.

These are a few of the things to consider before you select what type of solar led light is right for your application.