• Smart Operation & Maintenance Management Real-time operation monitoring and control, operation data recording Real-time failure reporting, zero surveillance patrol, and repair recording.
  • Ready City-wide Wireless Network  – A ready wireless network for all future smart city data communication.
  • Secondary Energy SavingSave up to 82% of total energy consumption
  • Visualized Management Platform – Easy to use visualized platform on both computer and handheld devices

Automatic Light On/Off & Dimming Control

    • By time setting
    • On/Off or dimming with motion sensor detection
    • On/Off our dimming with photocell detection

Accurate Operation & Alert Monitor

    • Real-time system monitoring
    • Lighting status reports
    • Instant fault detection
    • Provides GPS location of luminaire/fixture in case of an operational fault or outage
    • It provides individual light operation data, such as voltage, current, power consumption, etc.

Extra I/O Ports for Sensor Expandability

    • Environment Monitoring
    • Traffic Monitoring
    • Security Surveillance
    • Seismic Activity Monitoring

Reliable Mesh Network

    • Proprietary wireless control node
    • Reliable node to node, the gateway to node communication
    • Up to 1,000 nodes per network
    • Max. Network diameter 3000m

Easy-to-use Platform

    • Easily monitor each light
    • Supports lighting remote set-up
    • Cloud server accessible from computer or handheld device

SLI-Lite IoT intelligent lighting solution will:

    • Drastically reduce energy consumption, costs, and maintenance using solar LED technology combined with dynamic, per-light controls.
    • Improve safety and security, with optional real-time surveillance.
    • Enhance situational awareness, real-time collaboration (Energy Managers, Homeland Security, Police, and Rescue), and decision making across city agencies, helping optimize urban planning, increase city revenues.


The gateway communicates with the server via internet 2G/3G/4G/5G and communicates with terminal controllers via ISM 433MHz. Each gateway can communicate with 200 nodes featuring the mesh network and all terminal performance could be monitored from mobile devices. Proven stable communication distance from the gateway to controller is 1500m.



SLiNET IoT Intelligent Lighting Control System

Product Description

SLiNET Cloud provides a cloud-based central management system for provisioning, monitoring, controlling, and analyzing outdoor solar lighting systems. This secure platform helps cities, utilities, and operators to reduce energy

usage and maintenance costs, while also increasing safety. SLiNET Cloud integrates automated asset monitoring of controlled lighting with real-time data capture, providing access to critical system data such as power consumption and fixture faults. The result is improved maintenance and operational savings. SLiNET also facilitates the development of IoT applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Scales to thousands of locations with a unified single user interface for all
  • Accessible via a browser on laptop, tablet or smartphone using highly encrypted communication.
  • Enables monitoring assets in real time, validating and auditing energy code compliance, and identifying performance changes over time.
  • Emails and SMS notifications for fixture failures and other critical faults to improve lighting system up-time.
  • Simplifies real-time schedule overrides using a graphical map and floor plan views.
  • Works with motion and photocell sensors to reduce energy use and extend lamp life.


Users access SLiNET Cloud securely over the internet via a web browser on a computer or mobile device to manage, monitor, and control lighting networks. SLiNET Cloud includes a modern and intuitive graphical map that facilitates lighting control network design, with representative illustrations of individual control devices. For indoor applications, a floor plan is integrated with the map application for seamless control. Managers can set up notifications for critical alerts to update maintenance staff about faults in real time.




SLiNET Cloud is a multi-tenant solution, developed using up to-date web technologies, which is portable across various platforms and web interfaces. The user interface is supported on modern browsers including Chrome, and Firefox.


SLiNET Cloud is built on a highly secure platform, and security measures are applied at various levels through the system. All the communication interfaces with SLiNET use SSL encryption with AES security. It also provides role-based user access which can be restricted at different levels of a geo-zone hierarchy. The SLiNET Cloud password policy requires users to create strong passwords based on industry standards. The timeout mechanism after multiple failed login attempts also prevents attacks.


The central management system is a centralized digital intelligent monitoring and control software platform, which works from a cloud server, communicating with gateways installed inside utility switchboxes via internet or 2G/3G/4G/5G, where data are collected from each terminal, analyzed and processed by the management center, from which the instructions are given to the terminals and performed.



  • The server and gateway are connected via Ethernet or GPRS.
  • The Gateway and terminal controller, called a node, with SUB-1G connection, the center frequency of 433MHz, proven reliable connection radius> 1500m


HARDWARE – Gateway


  • Inside switch box
  • AC powered

Easy to use

  • One push button configuration
  • Lighting policy setup via software platform


  • Support remote shut down
  • Support local or remote network configuration
  • Support wireless or local software upgrade
  • Proven reliable data communication distance up to 1500m and 200 nodes
  • Calculate electricity accumulation
  • Low power



  • One node for each light
  • Serial connection before LED light driver
  • Automatic light on/off or dimming according to policy setup


  • Real-time operation monitoring
  • Real-time failure reporting
  • Periodical energy consumption report
  • Mesh network ensures the most reliable data communication

Easy to use

  • Automatic self-configuration when powered on
  • Automatic wireless connection with gateway Operation Environment


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