The U.S. government officially recognizes nearly 600 Indian tribes in the contiguous 48 states and Alaska. They all have different languages and cultures, but one thing they all share is immeasurable respect for the planet we live on.

For decades, Native American Tribes have suffered from severe energy and economic inequalities. Inaccessible or high-cost energy infrastructure means thousands have not only suffered with no running water or electricity, but they deal with little to no public infrastructure in town as well.

In the face of these challenges, Native people are turning to renewable energy to help their tribes achieve energy independence. At Solar Lighting International, we offer reliable and cost-effective solar lighting to help fulfill the needs of the Navajo Nation, and beyond, to promote safety and infrastructure in these areas.

We at Solar Lighting International, Inc., are proud to be affiliated with 100% Native American-owned companies such as Analytical Technologies, Inc.



Installer Spotlight:

Analytical Technologies, Inc.  |  Kendall Augustine, President

At Solar Lighting International, Inc., we support our network of installing partners who are a valued extension of our company. We recently sat down with Kendall Augustine at Analytical Technologies, Inc. to tell us a bit about his company, their values, and experiences with our product and recent installation.

Tell us a bit about your company:

Analytical Technologies, Inc. was founded in October 2018 by Kendall Augustine and Aaron Eldridge. The owners are both 100% Native American owners and hold a Certificate of Authority to work on Native American lands by the Navajo Nation Authority Act.

What areas does your company cover?

We are located in Farmington, New Mexico, and cover the entire Navajo nation as our radius, including parts of Southern Utah, Arizona: Kayenta, Flagstaff, New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Grand Junction,  and Colorado: Colorado Springs, Alamosa, Montrose. The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation in the United States, covering 16 million acres in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Utah.

What’s your vision for Analytical Technologies, Inc.?

In the next 5 years, we’d like to open up a manufacturing warehouse for our solar charging station.  We designed and fabricated these, and we want to mass produce these here in the US.


What is your experience level?

Kendall Augustine – President, Analytical Technologies, Inc.

I hold a degree in Electrical Technology and have 8 years of Project Management Experience with Material Testing Companies, with 15 years’ total experience in the field.

What interested you in our products?

We were initially interested in Solar Lighting International, Inc., because the Stealth light is American made, designed, and manufactured.  The Stealth light was not only affordable, but it was also easy to install as well, so we knew this was the product we wanted to use.

The light has a sleek design, looks professional and durable, and once I got the physical product, I knew this was a really high-quality lighting system.

What was your installation experience like with our Stealth All-In-One LED Streetlight?

It was a simple process; the end client is a business owner who owns a shopping center on Native American land. The actual land is owned by the Navajo Nation and the parking lot is owned by the end-user.

The install took about 6 hours with a crew size of two men, one of which was a temp worker hired to help.

The total cost of the lights was made up in a little over two and a half months.