All-In-One Solar Street LED Lighting

Solar Lighting International, Inc. is excited to offer our NEW “Stealth” All-In-One Solar Street Lighting Systems.  All-In-One solar street lights integrate a solar panel, an LED light source, and a battery into a compact, reliable, and extremely bright package. This street, area, and parking lot lighting alternative system is one complete unit -making this product fast and easy to install, and a solid, cost-effective, and efficient way to light your project, along with being a great investment.

Solar Lighting International’s All-In-One solar street and parking lot light provides an adjustable timed control mode and human body sensor mode via a single remote control. The time control mode includes an all-night sensor mode and a morning mode. Just a one-time simple setup; and the controller will adjust each mode automatically.

We bet you have some questions. Want to know a little more about Solar Lighting International Stealth “all in one solar” lighting solution packages?

We have answers!


Our STEALTH Solar Lighting Systems are comprised of a compact, high efficiency, monocrystalline solar panel, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, > 160 lumens per watt adjustable LED modules, a long life LiFePO4 battery, a 15 Meter (50 Feet) PIR motion sensor, and Timer.

Why a Monocrystalline solar panel? By selecting a monocrystalline solar module, Solar Lighting International knows it will produce more energy, work better in high temperatures, and last longer than a polycrystalline panel. We build these with our end-users in mind – you want a budget-friendly product that will last and that is what we provide.

What is “ >160 Lumens per watt ”? Why does this matter? Because we produce more light, using less power than our competitors.

  • 6,400 lumens – This is our entry-level fixture.
  • 12,800 lumens is our medium-based selection when you need that extra amount of light.
  • 19,200 lumens is for the client that requires the very best. A light designed for large areas or a multiple-lane roadway.

Remember watts don’t matter – lumens do! Lumens tell you how much light you can expect from the light fixture, watts just tell you how much power it consumes. The higher the lumen per watt ratio, the better and brighter a system you can expect.

Adjustable LED bar? Yes! The competition will have a non-adjustable and fixed LED light panel. We found this to be inefficient, so SLI provides a 40-degree adjustable light bar to put the light where you need it to go!

LiFePO4 long-lasting and replaceable battery. You can expect 7-10 years of quality operation from our Stealth solar lighting systems.

How does it mount? You can use any type of pole, but it must reduce to 2 3/8 inches or 60mm.

SLI can supply you with fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, or steel poles or you can provide your own.

Color Options? SLI took the Henry Ford, Model T, approach to providing color options. You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Stealth All In One Solar LED light product image

Product Features:

  • Impact-Resistant Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Optional Dual-Sided Light Bars
  • Extruded and anodized aluminum housing
  • MPPT charge controller
  • 160-180 lumens per watt
  • Phillips 5050 chips
  • LiFePO4 battery
  • Two- 15 Meter / 50 Foot motion sensors
  • Built-in timer
  • Programmable by remote control
  • Resistant to Category 5 Hurricane
  • Light Shields
  • Sensor Shields
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Replaceable LED Light Bar

Claim your Commercial 22% Federal tax credit for buying and installing solar in 2022.

By investing in solar, you can have the US government pay for 22% of your commercial purchase investment.

We will email the forms along with every invoice!

All-In-One Stealth 40 LED Light Overview

Click on the animation above to see available install angles and light placement options for the Stealth 40 Watt version.

Installing the All-In-One Stealth 80W LED Solar Street Light

Click on the animation above to see available install angles and light placement options for our Stealth 80/120 Watt versions.

Stealth 120W LED Solar Street Light – Features and Applications

Click on the animation above to see available install angles and light placement options for our Stealth 120 Watt Split version.

Want to see how well our Stealth LED light handles a hurricane in real time?

Click on the animation above to see our Stealth Solar Street Median Light – Dual Head Version.

Solar LED Lighting installation in Oman by National Tech Electro Mechanic


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

SLI Stealth 40W
Stealth 40-21
6400 lumens
Stealth 80-21 
12800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-21 
19200 lumens
X-LED Series Product Warranty
X-LED Series Product Warranty
criteria for choosing solar led lighting
Criteria for Choosing Solar LED Lighting

Recently Installed Customers:

Each Installation photo can be clicked to open in a lightbox.

Irvington, New York Irvington School District – (11) Stealth 120-21

Barceloneta, Puerto Rico Installation By JM Facility Services – (50) Stealth 40-21

Jewish Federation of Raleigh-Cary, NC – (25) Stealth 120-21

St Croix Installation By Conti Federal Contractors And Bear Electric – (7) Stealth 80-21

Aria Community Health – Lemoore, CA  Stealth 120-21

LEDSUR / SEOS Intl – Newmont Mining, Merian  – (7) Stealth 120-21

St Croix Installation By Conti Federal Contractors And Bear Electric

National Tech Electro Mechanic – Oman – (371) Stealth 120-O

solar street lighting oman
solar LED lighting for street lighting
solar LED street lighting
middle east solar street lighting

Town of Oak Island– Oak Island, NC – (8) Stealth 120-21

Mailbox Men – Bocce Ball Court Lighting at Holy Family Catholic Church – Brentwood, TN- (2) Stealth 80-21

Bocce Ball Court Solar Lighting in Tennessee

Texas City Dike – Texas City, Texas – (51) Stealth 120-21

LED Solar Lighting in Galveston Bay
Solar LED Lights at Texas City Dike

JM Facility Services – San Lucas Hospital – Ponce, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico solar lighting for hospitals
Solar lighting for hospitals
Solar lighting hospital parking lot lighting
Hospital solar lighting in Puerto Rico
Hospital solar lighting Puerto Rico
Solar lights being installed at a hospital facility

Pan Pacific Ventures – Hemp Farm, Kula, Hawaii – (10) Stealth 120-O

Titan Electrical Services of SWFL – Coral Gables, FL –  (4) Stealth 120

Installation by Trinity Communities Group – Mobile Home Community – Houston, TX

LM Shaffer, Inc. – Front Street-Grand Turk Road Rehabilitation Project  – Stealth 120 – Poles rated for 170MPH

Joe Maus Ford Dealership – Albemarle, NC

Park OutdoorBinghamton NYStealth 120-O – Solar Billboard Lighting

Installation by SEOS – Carnival Casino’s parking lot; Guyana

St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands Fort Oranjestraat

JM Facility Services – Puerto Rico

Autland Heavy Equipment – Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Wildwood HOA – Wildwood, Florida

Department of Transportation – Frankfort, KY – Stealth 40W installed at bus stop locations

7 Dwarfs Condominiums

Kissimmee, FL – Stealth 80


Orlando, FL – Stealth 80

Solar LED lighting installation NASA Orlando Florida

Oregon Electric Group

San Francisco, CA – Stealth 80 40+40


N3 Luxury Living  – Rowlett, TX – Stealth 80

Luxury HOA Solar LED lighting Installation Texas
n3 luxury living texas stealth solar light
12000k LED Solar Power Street Lights for Sale

Active Electric

Albuquerque, NM – Stealth 80

Active Electric

Albuquerque, NM – Stealth 80

Phoenix Associates

Naples, Florida – Stealth 80

Park Lighting in Albuquerque NM
Community Center Lighting in Albuquerque NM

Steven Clark – NC – Stealth 40W

Huckleberry Ink

Rochester, WA – Stealth 80W

Private Residence

Enid, OK – Stealth 80W

Private Residence

Enid, OK – Stealth 80W

First Team Sports, Inc.

Hutchinson, Kansas – Stealth 80W


Breckenridge Independent School District

Breckenridge, TX – Stealth 80W


SES Lighting

Golden, CO – Stealth 80W 40+40*PIR

Hardcore Electric

Brighton, CO – Stealth 80W


Palmdale Church

Palmdale, CA – Stealth 80W


Williamsburg Transit Authority

Busch Gardens of Williamsburg,

James City County, VA – Stealth 80W


Williamsburg Transit Authority

Busch Gardens of Williamsburg,

James City County, VA – Stealth 80W

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

Cowan Lake & Little Miami State Parks, Ohio – Stealth 80W

Nisource/NIPSCO Valparaiso, IL – Stealth 80W


Belden Construction– Syracuse, New York – Stealth 40W