Manufactured home communities, RV parks, and Senior Communities

Often communities overlook the value lighting can provide its residences. Solar lighting is an excellent, cost-effective way to enhance the area while providing a long-term, fixed cost for lighting and security. Solar Lighting International’s Stealth solar lights can be installed at the initial construction phase or retrofitted to existing poles in established communities. Solar LED lights positively impact prefabricated communities and their residents by promoting renewable energy, enhancing safe surroundings, providing quality illumination, and creating savings over a long-term utility contract.


Return on Investment

Whether installing new infrastructure of poles and lights or upgrading and retrofitting existing poles with Solar Lighting International, Inc Stealth all in one model solar LED lights is an innovative and cost-effective solution to implement or upgrade the existing infrastructure. ROI for a new installation is immediate, and the total project cost may be less expensive than choosing a traditional 5-year utility contract. Retrofitting existing lights can have a return on investment at soon as 2.5 years. If you belong to a current HOA, Solar Lighting International® may assist with financing the complete project and turnkey installation.


If you are an investment firm, holding group, or other entity with a vested interest in manufactured housing developments, Solar Lighting International’s Stealth solar LED street and pathway lights can help lower your annual costs and improve the community. Rising electrical rates and long-term utility lighting contracts depress your profits. SLI, Inc. is here to offer a solution to increase your community’s curbside appeal and livability while simultaneously increasing your annual returns and fixing a percentage of your utility costs for the longer term. SLI, Inc.’s Stealth solar LED lights are designed to operate 20+ years or longer with minimal maintenance. Solar Lighting International has a proven track record for providing a premium, high-quality product with an attractive return for its clients and end-users. We can recommend 3rd party consulting firms to complete deep analysis or you can have your in-house specialist give us a call to discuss the opportunities.



If safety is a concern for you and your community, you have the option of using the built-in motion activation feature with SLI Inc.’s Stealth solar LED lights. When a car or person comes within 20 feet of the light; it activates the motion sensors, turning the light on or increasing the brightness for a set amount of time. This not only gives a much broader security reach; but saves on power usage from the battery as well.


Common Areas and Parking Lot Lights

 Many communities have playgrounds, common areas, and parking which are often poorly illuminated and hard to navigate when the days get shorter. These spaces need adequate light for the security of homes, vehicles, children, and residences using the spaces.

Solar Lighting International, Inc’s Stealth solar parking lot lights provide bright and safe lighting levels and are easily installed by a small two-man crew – without any additional trenching needed. SLI, Inc’s solar LED lights operate reliably to allow residents to access vehicles at night easily.

Solar Pathway and Walkway Lighting

Pathways provide safety to the residents as they move about their community. This is especially important for children moving around the neighborhood at night. Installing solar LED lighting in these areas provides a needed service that pays for itself.


Solar Sign and Entrance Lights

A manufactured home communities’ entrance is the first impression residents, visitors, and potential new residents see. Having a clearly illuminated and easily identifiable entrance improves safety for residents entering and leaving the park and the surrounding traffic. Solar Lighting International can tailor solutions to your specific needs.


RV Parks and Campgrounds

Lighting is an essential asset to any RV park or campground. Adding Solar Lighting International Inc.’s solar LED lighting to parking areas, community recreation, and amenities is vital to the safety and security of any RV tenant. Using SLI’s Stealth solar lights, you are utilizing a highly cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to improve your infrastructure.



Every solar light needs minimal maintenance. You need to clean the solar panel once or twice a year for optimal power production. The battery will need replacement every 6-7 years, which is easy to order by calling Solar Lighting International. The typical battery cost is about $150.00.

Our Stealth solar LED lighting systems are designed to operate for 20 years or longer. Solar panels degrade about 1% per year, this is why Solar Lighting International recommends replacing the fixture around year 20 or when the solar panel has degraded about 20%.


Soos Creek Estates Mobile Home Park – Kent, WA

Laurel Wood Valley Estates – Orcutt, CA

Orcutt Ranch Estates – Orcutt, CA

Ridgeview RV Resort  – Abilene, TX

Trinity Communities Group – Houston, TX

TKM Estates – Trinity Nueces Park – Houston, TX

Clydes Dale Community – Windsor, VA


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The HOA Approach
SLI Stealth 40W
Stealth 40-21
6400 lumens
Stealth 80-21 
12800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-21 
19200 lumens
X-LED Series Product Warranty

Mobile Home Communities Lighting Installation Photos:

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Ridgeview RV Resort   Abilene, TX

Trinity Communities Group – Houston, TX

TKM Estates – Trinity Nueces Park – Houston, TX