Flashing LED Traffic Signs



solar-sign-alert-systems-1-minWith Solar Powered LED Flashing Traffic Signs from Solar Lighting International, Inc., any sign can be turned into an enhanced, attention-grabbing, flashing LED solar-powered sign. 

Our LED Flashing Traffic Signs are solar-powered and designed to increase road safety by increasing motorists’ visibility. With our ultra-bright LEDs, drivers are cautioned in advance of dangerous highway hazards. Solar Lighting International’s smart controller allows your LED Traffic system to preserve energy and battery life with its auto-dimming feature while maintaining brightness.

Add-Ons provide numerous activation options such as moisture sensors, high water sensors, radar sensors, crosswalk push-buttons, remote key fobs, or any of our timing systems. Additionally, Solar Lighting International’s CrossTalk controller; our compact, all-in-one solar device, allows you to program one or multiple LED Flashing Traffic Systems in multiple locations from anywhere in the world via any internet-connected device.


Solar Warning Sign Alert Systems are perfect for enhancing any warning sign. Our Advanced Warning Sign Alert Systems are equipped with high-intensity, optimized LED inserts to enhance the visibility of the sign and create an engaging warning to drivers.


  • Enhanced vehicular warning
  • CrossTalk Controller provides wireless functionality
  • Radar triggering capability
  • Retrofits to any existing system
  • Onboard rotary switches allow for easy setup

Solar Lighting International’s Advanced Warning System utilizes an advanced lighting controller in conjunction with a triggering sensor to activate Sign Alert LEDs. The radar connected unit detects oncoming vehicles and wirelessly signals the other grouped signs’ controllers to power on those units. User-specified settings (e.g., flash speed and duration) can change sequential units to come on altogether or at set intervals. Our Advanced Warning System is an efficient and cost-saving solution for expensive, wired traffic signs.


Product Spotlight – Curve Warning System

The Curve Warning System uses a flexible master/node architecture allowing for multiple configurations and user-defined application settings. A low-power radar (or other triggering device) is connected to a master unit which detects oncoming traffic and “triggers” the system to start the desired curve-warning signaling pattern and timing. With a master unit installed on either end of the curve, the system detects oncoming traffic in both directions and triggers the appropriate directional flash pattern on each wireless connected node.




Solar Lighting International’s Solar Construction Warning Signs are designed for areas that are under long-term or short-term construction. Sign Alerts warn vehicular traffic to use extreme caution when approaching the area due to working personnel and equipment, changing road surfaces, and lane or route reconfigurations. Our high-intensity signage is optimized with LED inserts that enhance the visibility of the sign to provide an extra layer of safety for drivers and construction crews. 



Regulatory LED solar traffic signs are ideal for towns, cities, schools, hospitals, college campuses, and military and industrial settings.

Why do I want a Flashing Solar Sign?

With road construction underway, kids in the back seat, and a cell phone user that isn’t giving the road 100% of their attention, traditional signs just don’t capture everyone’s attention all of the time. When it’s dusk, and a traditional road sign is covered in dirt, debris, low-hanging tree branches, etc., it may not get the attention it deserves. Solar Sign Alerts force the driver to look at what is so urgent – and forces their attention back on the road conditions, lane changes, construction, and more.  Road signs that are illuminated attract attention, keeping drivers aware of road rules. With certain regulatory signs; such as stop signs, their classic shape gives the message away immediately – STOP. With our LED’s surround and mimicking this shape, drivers automatically register what the sign shape means as well.



With about 82 million grade school students and over 18 million college students enrolled in U.S. schools, every city and school must make providing safe school routes a priority. Solar Lighting International, Inc. provides traffic safety systems that alert drivers and bring attention to school zones with ultra-bright LED technology. Solar power, low power consumption, and longevity make our school zone systems very cost-efficient to fit into district budgets. Learn more about our school zone systems by visiting our school zone page.




Our 24/7 Standard or Eco Beacon Stop and Warning Systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Weatherproof, ultra Bright LEDs are the brightest in the industry. The LEDs will adjust brightness according to the available light in order to conserve energy and battery life and maximize brightness.

Our Solar Powered Technology allows your system to operate virtually anywhere. SLI’s solar panels are protected with a heavy-duty aluminum frame for weather-resistance. They utilize the latest in solar technology with electronics to maintain power levels through rain, sleet, heavy snow, or strong winds. A built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electricity. The Control Box is constructed of aluminum and designed to securely hold the solar panel and protect its contents from the elements.

Sensor Activated Systems

  • Remote Activated Systems
  • Key Fob Remote
  • Push Button Activation
  • Moisture Sensor
  • High Water Sensor
  • Radar Sensor


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

Wrong Way Warning System
LED Flashing Stop Sign 
Cross Walk Sign Alert System
Warning Sign Alert System