Solar Lighting International no longer offers oil well pumping engineering or product sales.

This is effective as of January 2021.

Solar-Powered Oil Well Pumping System

solar oil well pump installationSolar Lighting International continues its tradition of innovation with our new solar power oil pumping solutions. SLI and its partners have a number of new options when it comes to remote solar pumping for oil wells. The development of the Crank Rod Pump, an ultra-compact sucker rod pumping system can be powered directly and independently with solar power. The economical solar oil pump system is intended for shallower, low-flow wells, particularly those in remote locations.

Much like the Linear Rod Pump, the crank rod system solar oil pump eliminates the cumbersome mechanics of conventional pumping apparatus. It uses a simple crank mechanism to convert variable-speed rotary motion into vertically reciprocating motion that drives the rod string. The unit mounts directly to the wellhead and is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport and install.

The crank rod option can operate at very low speeds to keep low-volume wells producing without pumping off, making it the ideal solution for reworking legacy wells. It can easily be moved from well to well for temporary installations or to prove reserves. Sophisticated  sucker-rod pump control software optimizes production while protecting the pumping system. Pumpjack systems are also available.

The unique ability of the crank rod pump system to operate using solar power makes it a flexible and environmentally responsible choice for locations isolated from the power grid. Flywheel energy storage levels power demand, while a power utilization control ensures that the entire output of the solar collecting array is utilized at all times, allowing the unit to pump in a broad range of solar radiation.

Solar Oil Well Pump with Battery System InstallationA battery option is available for overnight carryover. Solar power oil pump operation is quiet and requires little maintenance compared to gas powered engines.If the above options are not attractive, Solar Lighting International can power your existing system on solar up to 250HP motors.

As with all Solar Lighting International oil and gas products, the Global Monitoring and Control service is available to provide with a powerful Web-based real-time monitoring, data analysis, automated reporting, and alarm notification.


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