Solar Street Lights Offer The Perfect Solution For Jordan

    • Grid Independent
    • Designed For Sand and Winds
    • Designed for Low Maintenance

    We’ve helped with the installation of solar-powered street lights around the world and are excited to work with companies and government agencies inside Jordan who need street lights.

    SLI’s street lights are a high-quality product designed to last in the harshest climates. Our patented design is engineered to deliver the maximum lighting power with the least amount of maintenance issues.

    Many of our competitors sell products that were manufactured in China. They simply attach their logo to these other company’s products. The downside of this is that there is very little quality control and you may or may not receive what you order.

    Trading companies have no experience in solar lighting, solar power, battery technology or any other the other required technology to supply any customer with a system designed to work in the Jordanian environment. These fly-by-night business traders are reselling equipment they have no education about, they make significant markup on low-quality products and pass them off as high quality. Unfortunately, you, the end-user and customer do not know any better and end up purchasing a solar light that only works for a few months.

    Our American-Designed solar lighting systems are engineered around better-quality components. Because we operate with lower overhead, we are able to provide a better light at a competitive price point. The result is you as a customer benefit as our of higher quality and our solar lights require less maintenance,  which means that you have a lower lifetime cost. 

    Contact: Mr. Yassin  Jweihan +966 56 512 9774


We offer different levels of lighting, depending on your needs. As always, quality is of the utmost importance. Here’s what makes our lights better:

A Better Light

Unlike many of the brands who merely resell other companies’ solar lights, we decided to take a different road.  

Our Research and Design Center has optimized the LED configurations and lighting spread to deliver the best lighting with the least amount of power. Using the latest Phillips 160-170 lumen per watt LED chips.

But, we didn’t stop there.

Our lights offer Easy Assembly and Disassembly, with a heat ventilation design to avoid dirt and dust buildup.

Whether you need 10 light poles or 1,000, we can deliver your next project.

No auxiliary power and no trenching required. Our lights are designed to work 100% off grid reliably for many years.

Solar Lighting International’s street lamp systems for parking lots and highways come in many options: 6600 lumens, 13,000 lumens, and our new 16,000+ lumens for standard fixtures.

A Better Panel

One of the largest costs in the lifetime of a panel is wind damage. We chose a monocrystalline panel that is strongly resistant to high winds and paired that with a pole and mounting structure that is robust enough to handle the remotest regions of planet earth.

Our solar panels deliver up to 50% more power per unit area and have a reduced voltage-temperature coefficient. They also excel in high temperature and low-light conditions, which means they begin producing power sooner and continue producing power longer, guaranteeing a reliable source of energy for your street light.

A Patented Solar Charge Controller

Our charge controller uses patented MPPT  ( Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging technology. This allows our controller to increase charge current by up to 30% more over conventional solar charge controllers. More power for less cost!

This added current capacity enables us to manage better, store, and conserve energy which means you get the most out of each solar panel.

We also can network these solar charge controllers together. This gives up to 8 controllers the capacity to communicate with one another and act as a single controller. This works great for Smart City Technology.

Solar Parking Lot Lights and Solar Street Lighting Designed For Jordan

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or small business, our solar outdoor lamp options are designed with a low total lifetime cost in mind. Some of our largest installations have been in Jordan and we are honored to be playing a role in creating the next generation of Jordanian infrastructure.

No trenching is required. Only install and deliver light where you need it.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

6,600 Lumen
13,300 Lumen
16,000 Lumen
X-LED Series Product Warranty
SLI Stealth 40W
Stealth 40-21
6400 lumens
Stealth 80-21 
12800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-21 
19200 lumens
The HOA Approach