Commercial and Industrial Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping has been in use for many years providing water to homes, farms, ranchers, cattle and other live stock. There are many great resources and manufacturers of small scale solar water pumps but SLI is taking solar water pumps to the next level- solar water pumping for industrial use, municipality uses, and commercial farming.

Solar Lighting International has a different take on solar water pumping. Deep well solar water pumping for industrial uses such as remote large villages, large farming operations, and desert locations. Solar Lighting International’s off grid industrial solar water pump solutions can pump from very deep wells, up to 2 kilometers in depth and up to 250hp solar water pumping systems, all without utility power.

SLI’s technology can also integrate backup generator systems up to 400kva for seamless water pumping and pressure requirements for municipality requirements.

Contact Solar Lighting International for your commercial solar water pumping or municipality’s water pumping needs.