Light Poles are an essential part of infrastructure.

Our commercial solar lights provide an immediate solution for streets, highways, parking lots, perimeter security and more.

We need a solid pole to mount your lighting solution on that can handle the increased wind load from solar panels.

But what about durability? Anything that works outdoors has to be able to withstand the elements in order to survive. Solar Lighting International can give you solar lighting pole options in a variety of materials and shapes.

Whether you’re looking for galvanized, straight square steel, synthetic fiberglass, or concrete poles, we can provide the right fit for the job.

Our solar lighting poles are so sturdy that they can withstand wind speeds of up to 170 miles per hour. This ensures that when things get rough, our lights will still be up and running.


For many projects design can be as important as durability, and preserving the look of a location is paramount. With this in mind Solar Lighting International also offers light poles where the batteries can be stored externally or internally. This removes the look of a bulky battery pack, and gives you a seamless design and superior architectural integration.

Our variety of materials and designs allows us to find a light pole solution that not only fits your environment seamlessly, but ones that will fit your budget. Solar Lighting International can help you to find solar pole lighting solutions that will fit your desired aesthetic, project and your budget, allowing the long term cost savings of solar power to also meet your immediate project budget needs.

Fiberglass Pole Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Concrete Solar Light Pole USAG Fort Buchanan

Concrete Solar Street Light Pole Puerto Rico

Solar Street Light

Aluminum Solar Street Light Pole City of Indio, CA

Dual Head Concrete Solar Street Light Pole

Fiberglass Solar Parking Lot Pole Charlotte, NC

Steel Pole Raven Rock State Park, NC