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Solar parking lot lighting and street lights have gained a considerable amount of popularity in the past ten to fifteen years. It’s no secret why. Green lighting is the way to go for the future. Not to mention the money saving benefits these lights will provide for years to come. Solar lighting sources are seen more and more at construction sites as well as a lower cost alternative for grid electrical systems that are older and failing. Below you will find the top four reasons why outdoor and other commercial solar lighting systems are rising in popularity.

Environmentally Friendly

More and more consumers are beginning to favor companies and retail stores that are kind to the environment. When businesses install solar parking lot lighting and commercial outdoor solar lighting systems, they are able to show their green side to their customers and/or clients, while also saving on energy costs. Companies that build in areas that don’t readily have access to power can install off-grid solar systems, using renewable energy from the start. Other companies that are just starting to become more green can start with a smaller system such as installing a solar sign light to test the waters. Even though it may not seem like much, every little bit counts, especially when helping the environment.

Stop Relying on Grid Power

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, strong thunderstorms, tornados and blizzards can cause power grids to fail. There is also the possibility of cyber attacks that can cause issues with grid power security. Just like the name says, off-grid lighting doesn’t depend on grid power. Like the post office but even more reliable, “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will keep these lights from shining bright.

Several cities and neighborhoods in Florida have switched to solar lighting alternatives that are constructed to stand up against winds over 120 mph. These systems insure that people still have lights, even if the power goes out after natural disasters.

Power is Not Available

Sometimes a utility grid doesn’t exist or is very costly to acquire. This would be a pristine location to have commercial outdoor solar lighting systems installed. It may be hard to trench a grid extension into the area, particularly in remote or rural regions. If the area that needs lighting has adequate sunlight, the outdoor solar lighting system should continue to operate under regular conditions for a long time with hardly any maintenance needed.

Some examples of these remote areas that may need lighting could include camping areas, remote hiking spots, mountainous terrain, and off-road sporting event arenas.

Cut Costs

While the costs of commercial solar lighting alternatives, like solar parking lot lights, may seem pricey, these solutions will save a ton of money in the long term (and in the short term depending on types). If grid power isn’t easily accessible, the costs of trenching it in will be very costly. Most of the time, installing commercial outdoor solar lighting systems will be much more cost-effective with reduced installation costs.

Outdoor commercial solar lighting can take the place of failing infrastructures and not disturb the various areas around it. This will allow for the installation to be done without the need to redo sections thus, saving money and time.

Incentives also add to the savings that solar lighting provides. There are many Local, State and Federal incentive programs that lessen the costs of outdoor solar lighting systems. The reason these incentives exist are to help businesses and localities become environmentally friendly while staying within budgets. Incentives and other information is located at Installation costs may have incentives as well. Make sure to check back often for new incentives and updates because it could lead to saving even more money.

Older technology hasn’t always been able to accommodate certain lighting levels needed for particular opportunities that have been created with the use of LED’s. Since solar power and solar batteries generate energy at direct current (DC) voltage and LED’s operate off of it, solar energy can power LED fixtures with better efficiency than grid power can. All without any kind of loss in conversion from alternating current (AC) to DC power. LED technology is constantly increasing in lumens per watt, solar can be used in for brighter lighting requirements or for parking lots that need better security.

Commercial outdoor solar lighting systems are the best option if your project is influenced by the above factors. Solar is becoming a more mainstream alternative to grid power since every year the technology costs are reducing. Solar is now a more trusted source of energy. Questions? Call us, Solar Lighting International, at (803) 233-3461 regarding your next project to see if solar lighting is a solution.

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