Solar-Powered Street Lights Are Perfect For Zimbabwe

When it comes to durable and dependable solar street lights in Zimbabwe, SLI has the solutions that work. Offering grid-independent street lights for communities around the world, SLI offers Stealth 40 / 6,400 lumens, Stealth 80 /12,800 lumens, and Stealth 120 /19,200-lumen solar lights that perform well in high temperatures. While these are great lights for parking lots, small businesses, and corporations, they are also excellent for infrastructure, providing lighting for highways, freeways, and other roads.

SLI has a Research and Design Center that works to optimize the LED configurations so they can ensure the best lighting spread, for all applications. The Stealth solar model lights are engineered to have a low lifetime cost and to provide excellent and easy service for many years to come. We offer a high-quality patented design offers the maximum lighting power while requiring the least possible amount of maintenance.

Quality Lighting You Can Count On

All our products are American Engineered and designed. We take solar lighting seriously, and we strive to ensure our clients always buy the best possible solar-powered street lighting available.

The Stealth and X-35 series solar lights are designed using components of the highest quality Phillips IllumiLED 5050 chips, MPPT solar charge controllers, and Mono-crystalline solar panels in every design. SLI manufacturers thousands of lights every year, allowing us to have low overhead so that we can pass our savings to our clients.  Solar Lighting International provides high-quality products at a reduced price because we manufacture volume. Higher quality, better value, and excellent customer service and engineering department allow you to purchase high-quality lights that last many years – not months. At SLI, we provide the most excellent solar lighting solutions available and at a better price. At SLI we are so confident in our product quality and price, we will match or beat any competitor’s system design and pricing, all with a superior product.

all-in-one-stealth-light-with-background-minLighting For Your Needs

We know not everyone in Zimbabwe has the same needs for their solar-powered street lights, so we offer different options. Regardless of the lighting you choose, you can rest assured quality is given the utmost priority, so you can count on the best results. We handle projects of all sizes in Zimbabwe and around the world, supplying anywhere from a hundred light poles to thousands of solar lighting systems.

SLI can provide 8-meter, 10 Meter and even 12 Meter poles that are hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated. The Stealth solar street light features LiFePo4 or Lithium-Ion batteries. Our solar lighting experts will help you determine the best lighting solution for your specific needs, so you can rest assured that your lighting problems will be promptly, efficiently, and effectively addressed. We will take the time to review your needs and the specific details of your lighting requirements, so we can ensure that your project is up to specification.

How Our Lights Stand Out

Our lights offer both easy assembly and disassembly and are capable of withstanding Zimbabwe’s extremely hot temperatures. Trenching is not necessary, and SLI’s lights are designed to work reliably and be dependable while 100% off grid. With a unique heat ventilation design, these lights avoid the buildup of dirt and dust which can be damaging to the lights and affect their performance.

Offering the best options for solar street lamp systems, parking lot lighting and infrastructure lighting needs in Zimbabwe, Solar Lighting International goes a step above and beyond. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your solar-powered street lighting needs.

** Please note that orders going to Zimbabwe have a 100 piece minimum order **


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SLI Stealth 40W
Stealth 40-21
6400 lumens
Stealth 80-21 
12800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-21 
19200 lumens
Stealth Warranty
8m Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Conical Pole with 2 Bullhorn Arms
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Conical Pole with 2 Bullhorn Arms
12M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Double Arm Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Double Arm Solar Street Light Pole