Keep Railroad and Heavy Truck Traffic Running Smoothly.

Mining Applications

At first glance, the mining industry and the solar lighting industry seem like odd partners – solar is the most popular form of renewable energy, and mining is most often associated with the coal industry, a completely non-renewable source. The remote location of mines, though, makes it a perfect candidate for solar products. There are many different types of products that we at Solar Lighting International, Inc. carry that have been successfully installed at various mines around North America and in Canada.

Some of the products that we have incorporated into these areas include:

  • Solar Lighting
  • Solar Traffic Products
  • Solar Railroad Crossings

Mining Environment

Mines are typically in harsh and severe locations. The gritty atmosphere can affect products that aren’t engineered to work at these types of locations. We offer products that are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, salt air, and vandalism.

Solar products also offer mines the promise of predictable power – no more brownouts and safety issues. Simply put: Solar provides a clean alternative that does not compromise reliability. 

Solar Lighting International, Inc. has sold many successful solar products and has engineered reliable energy solutions at mines and mining companies.

Industrial Applications

Solar commercial outdoor lighting and solar-powered railroad and traffic systems offer many advantages to large-scale industrial companies such as steel mills, factories, processing facilities, and more.


Most industrial maintenance managers want one thing the most – safety. By installing solar lighting systems in and around these large-scale facilities, they are keeping workers safe with well-lit parking lots, pathways, perimeter security, storage areas, and guard shelters. These types of areas are typically prime candidates for solar lighting due to conditions that can be prohibitive to run electrical lines, such as existing paving, brownfields, and areas not accessible to traditional grid power. Solar LED lighting systems are also much more flexible now. We offer dimming schedules, motion sensors, as well as all-in-one lighting systems that need to be mounted to a pole with no wiring needed on site at all, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solar lighting systems.


Manufacturing facilities often use railroad loading and unloading areas for distributing products. By incorporating a solar railroad system, they are adding a very important layer of security to the site – an autonomous system that controls traffic flow between heavy trucks, regular vehicle traffic, and railcars. In addition to providing reliable electricity to these solar systems, they are engineered to always be able to endure the typically harsh conditions at industrial manufacturing locations.  Factories are now making it a point to be committed to making sustainable additions to their locations. By adding solar to places where factories – where they need it to work when they need it, they are also able to promote green energy to benefit consumers and surrounding communities. Our railway engineering team provides engineering design and assistance for all your industrial factory-related solar railroad crossing signal needs.

Some of the railroad areas we can engineer to your specific needs are:

  • Remote User-Activated Railroad and Trucks Approaching Signal / Push Button
  • Approaching RR Crossing ahead or Heavy Trucks Crossing Flashers
  • Industrial Area Solar Powered Railroad Crossing Signal
  • Grade Crossings


SLI has worked with many mines and industrial locations across the world to keep railroad and heavy truck traffic running smoothly.


  • Solar Railroad Crossing Systems
  • Solar Sign Alerts – Regulatory, Warning, Construction
  • RRFB – Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon
  • Flashing Beacons – Regulatory, Warning, Construction
  • Custom LED Solar Traffic Warning Signs