Solar-Powered Street Lights are a Great Solution for Ethiopia

Solar Lighting International, Inc. has engineered solar lighting solutions that have the durability and power needed for Ethiopia.  Whether the need is for an infrastructure process, roadway, parking lights, or storage yard solutions, the Stealth solar lighting system will outperform the competition in the harsh climate and weather conditions that exist in Ethiopia.

Image of Ethiopian FlagThe optional LED configurations available on the standalone (not hooked to the grid) Stealth solar lighting systems allow SLI to customize the lighting solution to your needs. We have a history of performance in countries across the world and look forward to developing a highly engineered, low cost, and low maintenance system for your project.

Quality and Durability That You Can Count On

Solar Lighting International, Inc. has been in business for 15 years and we stand behind our products in order to make your project work for years to come. We are an American manufacturer, engineer, and designer of products.

Lighting for Your Needs

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to individual lighting projects. Solar Lighting International, Inc. offers multiple products and multiple options and works to customize the design to your project’s specific needs.  Because of manufacturing in large runs, we’re able to offer low-cost solutions that range from half a dozen light poles to hundreds.

Our experienced lighting engineers will ask questions about your project to get to know the real requirements and the needs of the local community to make your project successful.  We work quickly to answer any questions you may have about the system and address your project needs.

Our Specifications include:

  • 8, 10, or 12-meter poles. The poles are hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) and then powder coated to your color specifications. All our manufacturing and production is completed per ASTM manufacturing Standards (A123/A123M – 17).
  • LiFePO4 Batteries
  • Three standard lighting options include:
    • 6400 lumens
    • 12800 lumens
    • 19200 lumens
  • Monocrystalline Panels
  • MPPT Charge Controller ( Maximum PowerPoint)
  • Philips 5050 LED chips

How our Lights Stand Out

Stealth 80 40+40 PIRTrenching is not necessary, and Solar Lighting International’s lights are engineered to work reliably and be dependable while 100% off-grid. With a unique heat ventilation design, these lights avoid the buildup of dirt and dust, which can be damaging to the lights and affect their performance. Installation and assembly are simple, with manuals and videos to walk you through every step.  Our lights have been installed in harsh weather environments across the globe without failures. All our solar products are designed for reliability.

One of the features of our Stealth series is the double built-in motion detectors. Offering detection up to 15 meters on each side of the light. This is a great way to conserve power consumption while still offering light when it’s needed.

There are several different ways you can program the motion sensors, depending on your needs. There is the Default Mode – this automatically operates at 50% brightness from dusk to dawn. Sensor Mode when motion is detected, the light increases to 100% until no motion is detected, then returns to 30% brightness.

This innovative design feature allows our solar street lights to be used in the low light conditions of northern climates and helps them to perform at optimal levels during cloudy weeks.

The ability to offer the best lighting solutions to any Ethiopian solar street lighting project – parking lots, infrastructure needs, etc. is essential to Solar Lighting International, and we will go a step above and beyond for your project.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your solar-powered street lighting needs.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Ethiopia is 100 Lights or 100 Poles

** Please note that orders going to Africa have a 100 piece minimum order **


Click on the image below to download the corresponding PDF…

SLI Stealth 40W
Stealth 40-21
6400 lumens
Stealth 80-21 
12800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-21 
19200 lumens
Stealth Warranty
8m Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Conical Pole with 2 Bullhorn Arms
8M Stealth Solar Street Light Conical Pole with 2 Bullhorn Arms
12M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Double Arm Solar Street Light Pole
12M Stealth Double Arm Solar Street Light Pole