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Commercial Solar Walkway & Pathway Lights
Solar pathway lights are a great option for parks, bike pathways, parking lots, green spaces, trails, and other locations that require an aesthetic off-grid light fixture.
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Commercial Solar Walkway & Pathway Lights
Solar pathway lights are a great option for parks, bike pathways, parking lots, green spaces, trails, and other locations that require an aesthetic off-grid light fixture.
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Solar Pathway Lights and Walkway Light Fixtures



Solar Lighting International is excited to provide our upgraded solar path light option: The Stealth II solar lights for park paths, trail lights, sidewalks, parking lots, green spaces, park lighting, and other locations that require an aesthetic solar light fixture.

Our solar path lights, sidewalk, trail, and solar community lighting are available in a variety of brightness options, multiple light pole heights, and different mounting configurations: top-of-pole, post-top mounting, side-of-pole mount, and even existing wood pole mounting options.

The Stealth II solar lights are all designed and assembled in the United States providing you with the best quality solar pathway light available. Our latest path light fixture is stylish and modern in appearance and uses Phillips 5050 Illumiled LED chips which are 190 lumen per watt, providing a higher 7400-22200 lumen options than competing alternatives available. The Stealth II solar pathway light operates from dusk to dawn without dimming for a reliable constant light all night long.

The high-end luminaires are sleek, contemporary, and exceptionally durable, with solid aluminum casts, powder coat paint, and almost no maintenance. We offer flexible system design options and are more than happy to work with you to create a system that is suited to your budget. If you’re ready to learn more about our solar pathway lighting solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out the web form on our contact page, and one of our sales engineers will contact you.

Commercial solar-led pathway lights from Solar Lighting International are a practical option with a wide range of applications. Our solar pole lights may be used for more than just paths; they can also be used for trail lighting in residential HOA applications, solar community lighting, park trail lighting, and lighting for parking lots.

Our pathway lights operate from dusk to dawn at 50% power without dimming, providing reliable and continuous light for up to 14 hours per night. Depending on your location and lighting requirements, our Stealth II solar LED trail lights offer many programable options for areas that require more or less light.

Please take advantage of the only solar lighting system with two motion sensors built into the sides of our light bars. These motion sensors can detect motion not only 360 degrees but can see people coming and going from the light on the trail. Instead of waiting until you are under a light, our solar lights can catch you up to 45 feet before you get to the light, allowing the light to come up to full brightness at 7,400, 14,800, or even 22,200 lumens.

Our innovative technology enables you to adjust the solar light’s brightness to conserve battery power in areas with reduced winter sunlight. In northern regions or those above 40 degrees latitude, like New York and Oregon, our lights perform exceptionally well. The light remains on for 30 seconds after sensing motion, providing ample illumination before and after you pass through the area. By returning to a 30% output when no one is present, the light lasts longer, shines brighter when needed, and offers more days of battery backup – all at the same cost.

Dark Sky Compliant Solar Light

Yes, our solar light is Dark Sky compliant, providing 100% down lighting when installed correctly and zero up lighting. We offer light shields for municipalities where light trespass reduction is necessary when placing a light near a property line.

Does Solar Lighting International provide solar light poles?

The answer is YES! Solar Lighting International delivers all types of solar street pole options for solar lights for almost any environment. Aluminum, Steel, fiber composite, fiberglass poles. Square poles, round poles, tapered round poles, straight poles, direct burial light poles, and all types of solar light poles. We also offer light pole options in many color options, but our light fixtures will always be black.

Solar Light pole installation?

As a lighting manufacturer, we focus on manufacturing. However, Yes, we have solar light installation crews in many regions that provide turnkey installation for our solar lighting systems. Our installing contractors are meticulous with their work and have excellent references. While many contractors have minimum pole requirements, most of our customers will meet the minimum. You can be confident working with Solar Lighting International; your project is in good hands.

To chat with us about your solar lighting needs, fill out our contact form, and an engineer will write or call you shortly.


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**SLI reserves the right to change any part specified, at any time, to meet system requirements and availability.**

Stealth II 40-23
7400 lumens
Stealth II 80-23
14800 lumens
SLI Stealth 120 LED Solar Street Light
Stealth 120-23
19200 lumens
X-LED Series Product Warranty
X-LED Series Product Warranty
The HOA Approach
criteria for choosing solar led lighting
Criteria for Choosing Solar LED Lighting

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