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Professional Approach

We are committed to moving the industry out of low performance solar outdoor lighting and into high performance commercial applications.

Quality Products

Solar Lighting International is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality commercial solar lighting systems available.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar Lighting International provides sustainable design with low impact to your natural surroundings.

Solar Lighting International

An industry leader in the area of commercial solar lighting, Solar Lighting International is dedicated to giving its customers high quality products to meet their lighting needs.  Solar Lighting International can design custom solutions for projects of any size, from a single building to an entire city.


Quality Products

Solar Lighting International designs and manufactures commercial lighting products with the highest quality in mind. We are fully committed to creating products with the best materials. Say goodbye to low performance solutions that aren't designed to meet the test of time.  Leading the industry in quality is only one of the ways we will exceed your expectations.

Custom Designs

All of our products are designed and manufactured by Solar Lighting International, in our US-based facility. This means we have products you literally can't get anywhere else. With a commitment to using high-quality materials our products are second to none. Quality control is key, material selection to shipping our products safely.

 Professional Approach

Cheap, low performance solutions are a thing of the past with Solar Lighting International. We only deal in high quality commercial solutions designed to perform now and in the future.

 Industry Experience

We have been producing quality commercial lighting systems since 2000. 15+ years creating products means you can trust us to design a system tailored to your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar lighting options use less, or no, power from a traditional power grid. This allows for a reduction in the amount of fuel used by a facility. It also allows for solutions to be put in place in areas with less access to power. Frequent outages become less of a lighting problem with solar, or wind, powered lighting solutions.


LED Lighting

 Stylish and efficient solar LED lighting form Solar Lighting International uses the brightest street lighting packages. We can provide products at 3640 lumens, 7280 lumens, or 14560 lumens for standard fixtures. We can find products to fit any budget.


Pathway Lighting


Solar Lighting International's pathway lighting solutions combine the latest LED lighting technology, and intelligent motion sensor, GEL cell battery into a compact housing.


Bollard Lighting


An attractive outdoor solution for walkways, or other small spaces, bollard lighting provides an appealing, vandal-resistant lighting solution. Great for commercial or industrial spaces.


Solar Security


Security is serious business. Solar Lighting International can provide a variety of stand-alone solar electric solutions that include: CCTV, military grade video, wireless solutions, fence platforms.  A wide variety of other features are available upon request.


Solar Power Trailers


Are you looking for a portable power solution that can run every night? Solar Lighting International offers you a solution that can go anywhere with more than 20 hours of continuous use that requires no assembly for quick setup.


Traffic Management and Railroad Crossings


From pedestrian signals, to street warning signs and speed limit notifications Solar Lighting International has all of your traffic management options covered.  Aluminum enclosures with police locks and pole mounting ensure that your investment is well protected.


Emergency Vehicle Caution Systems 

From standard red-yellow-green signal heads to street flashers Solar Lighting International has many options. In places where running AC power is not a convenient option, or when the power goes down, a solar solution will keep on working. Systems are customizable to client needs.