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Professional Approach

We are committed to moving the industry out of low performance solar outdoor lighting and into high performance commercial applications.

Quality Products

Solar Lighting International is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality commercial solar lighting systems available.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar Lighting International provides sustainable design with low impact to your natural surroundings.

Solar Lighting International

Solar Lighting International would like to thank you for visiting our website. Solar Lighting International, Inc. is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of solar LED commercial lighting systems. SLI has been producing quality solar LED street lighting systems since 2000. We are committed to providing our clients with high performance commercial solar LED lighting applications for streets, highway, and parking lots. Solar Lighting International’s products are manufactured in the United States and are a symbol of high quality.

Choosing the right solar lighting product can be a confusing task and we hope you will contact solar lighting international to assist you in deciding which product is best solution for your application. We chose to make our website simple to navigate by providing you with the following specific lighting selections:

      - Commercial solar LED lighting for lighting streets and parking lots

Solar pathway lighting for parks, bus stops, walkways and other areas where you do not 

       want or need to install a solar light pole

     - Solar Traffic Management solutions, which provide you everything from solar cross walks,

       solar traffic warning flashers, solar rail road crossing and more

Solar Light Poles- Solar Lighting International can provide a solar lighting pole solution 

        for any application from concrete, metal galvanized to synthetic fiberglass.

Solar Lighting International is your one stop solar lighting solution provider.

Solar Lighting International also provides solar / wind hybrid lighting solutions for areas where sunlight is reduced but wind is in abundance. We hope you enjoy our website and contact us with your project.


Commercial Lighting In The News

Solar Lighting International manufactures an ETL / UL1598 listed solar highway lighting system. Our flagship product, the X-series solar outdoor roadway lighting system, uses Metal Halide Type lighting technology and is the brightest and most efficient commercial interstate highway and roadway solar light available. This product has been recommended to be the first solar lighting system in the industry to light a US highway, Interstate 277 in Charlotte, NC.





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